Confusion About the Outfits? Pick a Designer Collar T-Shirt

by URBAN TRAIL on Mar 26, 2024

Confusion About the Outfits? Pick a Designer Collar T-Shirt

Thinking to upgrade your wardrobe? Having no idea what to add? Then it’s time to elevate your wardrobe with collar t-shirts for men.

With the innovation of techniques in every market, fashion market also has equal opportunities to strive out in this competitive world. It’s a really need for fashion market to updated men’s outfit. To cope up with highly competitive markets, it’s time to introduce updated outfits for men.

We are having an experimental nature, so we have curiosity to try novelty in every perspective; fashion, gadgets, food and what not.

Why Opt for Collar T-Shirt?

When you are thinking to upgrade your wardrobe with men’s t-shirts with collar, did you ever think about the reasons? No? Let’s have a look why to opt tees with collar:

  • Comfortable to wear in every occasion
  • Gives smarter looks
  • Essential outfit for your wardrobe as it wears in every casual event
  • Gives dashing personality
  • Easy to wash
  • Machinable wash

Instead of being confused every time about how and what to buy, try to have clear vision about your choices and make sure in which variants you want to buy t-shirts with collars.

If you don’t have any single idea about what to buy then you can visit online shopping stores or local market so that you will get some ideas about trends, styles and patterns.

If you are planning to buy collar t-shirts for occasions then choose smartly which can suits with your events.

It’s time to know about when to buy?

There’s no pre-decided time to upgrade your wardrobe but you are pocket-friendly person then you can wait for sale season.

Its time to keep an eye on variants of gents’ t-shirt with collar:


T-shirts for men are available in various fabrics.

  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Polyester t-shirt
  • Linen t-shirt

    Nowadays during winter sweat t-shirt is in trend and it is made up of polycon or fleece material.


    There are many patterns in men’s t-shirts.

    • Printed T-shirts-
    • If you are fond of printed t-shirts then go for it. Floral printed t-shirt is suitable when you are on vacation.
    • Plain T-shirts-
    • If you paired this one with proper bottoms i.e., formal pant or jeans then it looks descent in your corporate meetings.


      There are many options available with regards to styles. Choose it smartly according to your profession and personality.

      Here are some styles for men’s t-shirts:

      • T-shirts with Chinese neck-
      • This style of t-shirt is for you if you want collars but don’t want which make you feel heaviness and coziness.
      • T-shirts with collars-
      • Also, there are options available with regards to collars, whether you should go for mandarin collar t-shirt or simple collar. Mandarin collar t-shirt looks trendy so it is preferable.

      Where to wear such collar t-shirts?

      Cotton t-shirt wears every time and in every festive season.If you are fond of games then you can wear polyester tees when you are going to play cricket tournament. Generally, this tee preferred to wear in breezy atmosphere. Polyester tees with collars can be wear at jogging time.Cotton t-shirts are preferred as it absorbs sweat.Men’s t-shirt with collar can be wear at gym workout.This kind of tees is suitable when you are on basic adventure.


      We, the human is social animal and we are surrounded by formal and informal occasions every now and then. So, sometimes we are in dilemma about dress up the stylish designer collar t-shirts.

      It’s time to get out of dilemma and enjoy the occasions at another level. Here are some occasions where you wear collar t-shirts.

      Informal Occasions-

      It makes a difference when you choose your t-shirt according to the occasion. It creates positive impact around the crowd.

      Outing with friends-

      Crew neck t-shirt is perfect outfit when you are on outing with friends. Paired with pant will always good choice.

      Go on dates-

      When you will go on dates with your companion then V-neck t-shirt paired with khakis is a good choice.

      Birthday Parties-

       It is very casual occasion. Quality fabric and smart color combination create better impression around your guests. When you are host of this party then choose stylish collar t-shirt which becomes attractive for your guests.

      Get-together with friends and family or outdoor activities-

      Henley t-shirt is smart choice when you organize get together to spend quality spend with your friends and family.


      When you plan a vacation in cooler weather then wear a full sleeve collar t-shirt is your wise decision.

      If you are on vacation in hot weather then go for open shirt over jacket helps to enjoy in more comfortable way.

      Are you always confuse about style up t-shirts with collar?

      Here are some styling tips: 

      Combination of White T Shirt and Blue Jeans-

      This kind of combination will never go wrong for semi-formal meetings. It helps you to groom your personality. If you like to have a beard then it can also make good with your outfit’s combination.

      T-Shirt With Plated Trousers-

      This combination is good for descent looks. If you are beard-fond of person then it can be trimmed a little to complete your looks.

      Relaxed: Loungewear-

      When weekend mode is on then collar t-shirt paired with loungewear makes you comfortable at your relaxing hours. If you are fond of games and you are playing outdoor games then this kind of t-shirt is preferable.

      How to Accessorize Yourself in Collar T-Shirts?

      • Smart watch or any wrist watch
      • Paired with sunglasses
      • Sandals or shoes


      If you find this blog helpful then upgrade your wardrobe with collar t-shirts from our urbantrail website. We have trendy, designer collar t-shirts collection for men, so find it on urbantrail website and shop it as per your events.