Create Multiple Looks With 3 Different Types of Striped T-Shirt For Men

by URBAN TRAIL on Feb 13, 2024

Striped T-Shirt

Striped T-shirt: The most preferable pattern for men in the summer season. The striped pattern has covered a wide range of patterns in the collection of t-shirts. There are a lot of striped patterns that exist in clothing staples for men and women in both collections. In this article, we will cover three main types of T-shirts such as the Round neck, Chinese neck, and Polo neck which have been crafted in the range of trending striped patterns to help you enhance your multiple looks for many different occasions by styling them variously with different pairing options. 

3 Types of  striped t-shirt:

1.Round neck Striped t-shirts

Round necklines in the range of t-shirt collections have created a repo with the men’s wardrobe. Every man’s wardrobe has a collection of many types of round necks in a variety of different sleeve lengths and several patterns from solid plain to delicate printed t-shirts. Let’s explore some stripe t-shirts for men with round necklines. 

  • Sage Green round neck striped t-shirt

Sage Green round neck striped t-shirt will help you to create and formal look to catch your business meeting without having those regular shirts under those heavy men’s suits. You can Pair this t-shirt with a lightweight navy blue blazer and denim jeans. Additionally, wear a pair of canvas black shoes to give your formal classy look a cool touch to maintain the sophistication of your look. 

  • Coral black round neck striped t-shirt

A coral black round neck striped T-shirt is the best option if you are going to a party at night. Try to style our T-shirt with a black cargo trouser and a pair of casual black shoes. Also, don't forget to add some accessories like a watch and a leather belt to the other hand to complete your party look. 

Whether the party is in a club or the party is in an open area, this outfit will go well for any night party. 

2.Chinese Neck striped t-shirts

Chinese Neck is a complement for those men who like to wear collars but also don't want their necks to get stuck with their heaviness and coziness. Chinese neckline is the middle way for those people. This type of neckline features a semi-collar neckline. 

  • Yellow white Stripers Chinese casual neck T-shirt 

Yellow white Stripers Chinese casual neck T-shirt will be a perfect option for a day outing with friends or with your date. From having a coffee in the morning to getting back to your house from the movie at night, this t-shirt will keep you looking fresh and active. You can pair this t-shirt with dark blue straight-fit denim and a pair of your favorite shoes in which you can walk comfortably. 

  • Off-white Casual Stripers Chinese neck T-shirt

Off-white Casual Stripers Chinese neck T-shirt will get perfectly combined with cream baggy cool trousers. This outfit will give you a chilly look when you have already made a random plan of one-day road-tripping with your friend. Random plans need to get into quick action so that if some of your friends try to cancel the plan they will not have time to say no. For this type of quick action, you are required to wear simple yet fashionable outfits in which you will not need to put much effort while styling them. 

3.Polo neck striped t-shirts

  • Hunter green Stripers Casual T-shirt 

Hunter green Stripers Casual T-shirt features a beautiful shade of olive green and simple vector lines textured stripes on it and a side pocket on the left. This T-shirt will go perfectly with gray track pants if you are one of those who are very particular about their Sunday cricket street match with your friends. The fabric used in making this t-shirt will make your movement effortless while playing peacefully and also help to keep you dry in between the matches. 

  • Daisy White Casual Stripers T-shirt

Daisy white casual stripes t-shirt can be worn casually and formally too. When you pair it with a piece of denim jacket and denim jeans with a pair of casual canvas shoes it will give you the coolest casual look for any casual event be it a birthday party or it’s your own anniversary ate with your beautiful wife. 

Pair it with a formal pant when you have to crack a business lunch meeting with your client style this outfit with a pair of formal shoes to enhance your overall look. 


It’s time to create a collection of men's striped t-shirts in your wardrobe. You can wear versatility in the sense of striped t-shirts. At Urban Trail, we are aware of the different tastes of different men. We welcome you to explore the huge collection of striper men’s t-shirts in a wide range of countless color and pattern options. At our store, you will also have comfort with fashion, as we make all our products with breathable premium quality cotton and cotton blend fabric.