5 Must-Have T-shirts For Men’s Wardrobe

by URBAN TRAIL on Dec 19, 2023

T Shirt For Men

T-shirt for men: A perfect alternative word by far to the most comfortable piece of clothing, keeping itself at the top of the shopping list. Men do not try to come across a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles of t-shirt collections while shopping. Typically, they become very casual while shopping for t-shirts from online stores. They are always tired of looking for the same brands, colors, and patterns that are already present in their wardrobe. Why? Because they don't want to work hard to find T-shirts that can be worn casually at home or outside. However, if you choose the right pair of stylish t-shirts for men then they can be styled in a variety of ways for parties, dates, and many more occasions than just at home. In this article, we will explore some essential t-shirts for men that can refresh your mindset for styling t-shirts.

Must have patterns for Men’s T-shirts

1. Striped round-neck t-shirts for men:

Striped round-neck t-shirts are eager to give you a retro-contemporary look. Striped t-shirts are available in different patterns, colors, and designs to cater to your unique style for every situation. There are two main types of striped T-shirts for men that are trending, the first one is vertical and the second is horizontal.

Styling tips:

  • Try our White Black Stripe Round Neck T-shirt with black jeans, and white casual shoes, and add a black leather jacket layering with it.

  • You can choose a Navy Pastel Green Stripers Chinese neck T-shirt to create a perfect outfit for tracking. Style it with Dark gray track pants, a smartwatch, and a pair of sports shoes. To enhance this look wear a pair of full sleeves black gloves. 

2. Polo T-shirts

Polo T-shirts are an essential staple for every man’s wardrobe. It helps you style in multiple ways from casual to classy by just improving some styling sense.

1. Basic solid polo t-shirt styling tips:

  • Our Melon Peach Polo T-shirt can be worn for a formal business meeting. Wear it with cream formal pants, a brown watch, and a pair of formal shoes to crack your meeting with clients.

2. Fashion polo t-shirt styling tips:

  • Style Off-white Casual Stripers T-shirt for a beach day. Wear it with blue shorts, a pair of Flip-flop flats, and a cool gray Fedora Hat.

3. Must have colors for men’s T-shirts:

Choosing the right T-shirt color as per the purpose of the event, time of the event, and location of the event can highlight your personality to the occasion. Let’s explore some color shades that need to be present in your t-shirt collection.

1. Shades of greens:

  • Style our See Weed olive round-neck T-shirt for a workout in the gym. Wear this t-shirt with black track pants and grab a reflective white Rapid-Dry Running Jacket on it. A smartwatch, a gym bag, and a protein shaker in your hand will make a perfect cool look for the gym.

  • The Army Round Neck T-shirt from Urban Trail will give you a classy look. Pair it with Black cargo denim, Army green canvas shoes, a black sports watch, and a black cap.

4. A pair of black T-shirts

The black T-shirt is very common in everyone’s wardrobe but what matters is how you can style it differently from others to make a black t-shirt special.

Styling Tips:

  • Style Ink Black Round Neck T-Shirt for club parties at night. Pair it with blue denim and brown Chelsea shoes. If you want to add a touch of joy to this outfit wear a leather wristband bracelet in your hand.

5. Shades of Blues

  • The Tiffany blue Stripers Round Neck T-shirt will be a perfect choice if you are going to attend a pool party. Pair it with Korean white baggy pants and simple flats.

  • A Prussian Blue Round neck T-shirt can be easily styled for semi-formal events. Just pair this t-shirt with gray pants and a gray blazer to have a decent semi-formal look. Simply, grab a pair of loafer shoes with it and you are good to go.


We hope this post will help you enhance your t-shirt styling tips and inspire you to choose the right t-shirt for men with an eye on color, style, and pattern for any occasion.

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