Sweatshirts for Men- 5 Trends to wear this winter

by URBAN TRAIL on Dec 26, 2023

Sweatshirts for Men- 5 Trends to wear this winter

In the last few years, the trend of wearing sweatshirts for men has increased With the variety of types, prints, graphics, patterns, and colors of sweatshirts available in a wide range in the market, they have now created huge demands in online shopping, this apparel has expanded into the new and latest options for men's style due to their functionality like versatility, breathable fabric and being trendy.

Sweatshirts for men are as simple as they look, but they help give you a unique look every time you wear them differently. Sweatshirts are meant to be baggy, and large and never fit the skin. However, they can be considered and classified especially as sweaters. The most special difference between sweaters and sweatshirts is that sweaters can be worn only in winter, but you can style sweatshirts in many different ways in other seasons too.

Reasons: why should you choose Sweatshirts from Urban Trail

Fabric Quality

At Urban Trail, we make all the sweatshirts for men from premium cotton and cotton blended fabrics. We are aware that your skin requires breathable warm clothes in winter, and our sweatshirts help keep your body warm by fulfilling that need.


Size availability

We ensure to provide everybody types, and everyone's size choices so everyone can find their perfect fitting choice. We cater to an extensive size range from Medium(M) to double XL(XXL). Whether you are one of those who loves to wear oversized sweatshirts or fitted ones, here you will find the perfect one for you.


Color options

You will explore the vibrant color palette of many unique color options at our store. Try our sweatshirts for men to express your vibrant and artistic expression to the world. Whether you prefer neutrals and pastel tones or colorful vibrant shades, we have a huge collection to cater to everyone's individual preferences. You can discover the joy of vital colors in the Urban Trail.


A wide range of patterns

We understand that Fashion has no limit, understanding fashion as an art, we brought you a range of various patterns to cater to every taste. You will have Hoodies, round-neck sweatshirts, front-zipper sweatshirts, and many more sweatshirt patterns and varieties at our store.


Budget-friendly prices

You will be able to explore style, fashion, and affordability at the same time while shopping from Urban Trail. Prices that suit your wallet and style that make you feel more comfortable and confident.

5 Must-have Sweatshirts for Men You Should Try

Off-white round neck sweatshirt


Off-White round neck sweatshirt


“Look and Think Big” printed Off-white round neck sweatshirt will be a perfect choice for you if you are heading to a party at night. Pair it with a light blue straight-fit denim and cover it with an oversized denim jacket. Give this outfit a complement with a pair of canvas shoes. This sweatshirt will go perfectly with this pairing combination for parties this winter.

You can also get the same sweatshirt in the shade of black.

Dark Lavender round neck Sweatshirt


Dark Lavender round neck Sweatshirt


If you are one of those who loves to capture all the moments this sweatshirt will help show you love for capturing every single moment. This sweatshirt expresses the love for nature with its print.
You can style it with a blue jogger and a pair of casual shoes for your road trips and travels. The other color options are also available in these sweatshirts.

Green and yellow hooded sweatshirt

Green and yellow hooded sweatshirt

Our Green and yellow hooded sweatshirt is essential for your wardrobe this winter if you want to modify your subtle personality into a vibrant one. This sweatshirt will help to showcase your jolly and happy nature to the world with its colors and checkered pattern.

Stone gray Round Neck Sweatshirt

Stone gray Round Neck Sweatshirt

Gray is a color that can never go out of trend and always suits every occasion for any time at any place. Our Stone gray round neck sweatshirt will go better with black denim and white shoes, for more experiments you can add a layer of puffer jacket to it.

Black Round Neck Sweatshirt

Black Round Neck Sweatshirt.

A Black round-neck sweatshirt is the most important garment in your wardrobe as you all know. You can style Your black sweatshirt for men in various ways according to the occasion. The style that will never go old is to wear our Black sweatshirt with black jeans and layering of a leather jacket along with canvas shoes.


Sweatshirts for men are the key to comfort in the winter season. Not everyone prefers to wear the same sweater every winter. Sweatshirts for men are the perfect combination of comfort, warmth, and fashion.
Your wardrobe should have a corner for sweatshirts from our Urban Trail online store. Buy yourself some sweatshirts to help modify your fashion sense this winter at affordable prices.